Kerri’s Vault Recognized as Patriotic Moment

Crave Online
July 2, 2014

Kerri’s vault was recognized among a list of timeless highlights that make us proud to be American sports fans.


Kerri Proud to Be Part of Inspirational Team

United States Olympic Committee
August 12, 2013

According to the Team USA site, the Magnificent Seven inspired a new generation of gold medalists.


ESPN: Where Are They Now?

June 29, 2012


Kerri Strug Remembers Mary Lou Retton

Yahoo News

Olympian Kerri Strug recalls fellow gymnast Mary Lou Retton’s Olympic moment.


Kerri Tells Reuters How She Uses Her Experience to Motivate Others

June 28, 2012

Former gymnastics star Kerri Strug, who vaulted into Olympic history on an injured ankle in 1996 to secure a first U.S. women’s team gold medal, has parlayed that defining moment into a career motivating youth to work hard and do their best.


Kerri’s Visa Ad is Named One of the 10 Most Motivating Ads by Fitness Magazine


The New York Times Interviews Kerri about the Marathon

The New York Times
September 27, 2008

Kerri Strug will be remembered as a member of the Magnificent Seven, the United States women’s gymnastics team at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.


Kerri talked to Runner’s World about marathons

Runner’s World
March 5, 2005
Find out why this Olympic gymnast turned to running marathons after she retired from gymnastics.


GYMNASTICS; After Vault, Strug Finds Balance in Life

The New York Times
November 8, 1997

When people first lay eyes on Kerri Strug, their impulse is to pick her up and have a photograph taken cradling her in their arms.


Everyone Wants to Carry a Gold-Medal Gymnast

The New York Times
September 6, 1996

She hit the ground screening phone calls.


The Warning in Kerri Strug’s Heroics

The New York Times
August 11, 1996

The memory that lingers from the Atlanta Olympics is the sight of tiny Kerri Strug vaulting on her badly sprained ankle to clinch a gold medal for the American women’s gymnastics team.


Strug’s Hopes Lie in the Floor

The New York Times
July 27, 1996

The leap of Kerri Strug’s life was most likely her last in the Olympics.


ATLANTA: DAY 6 — GYMNASTICS;From Shadows, Strug Vaults Into Spotlight

The New York Times
July 25, 1996

Until Kerri Strug landed and grimaced in front of a large crowd and very large television audience on Tuesday night, she had spent her gymnastics career quietly excelling in the shadows of others.


ATLANTA: DAY 6;Olympic Moments, but Hours Later on TV

The New York Times
July 25, 1996

When the gymnast Kerri Strug stuck a gold medal-winning vault Tuesday night, hopping on her right foot to avoid the pain in her left, the moment radiated the drama of something happening before our very eyes.